It’s a trophy-winning season for Pee Wees

The Homer Pee Wee Hockey team spent the 2013-2014 season proving the meaning of the team’s motto: 111 percent 100 percent of the time because 110 percent is not enough. The team — front row from left: Lee Lowe, Ethan Pitzman, Hunter Warren, Isaiah Nevak, Tucker Weston; middle row left to right: Karl Wickstrom, Liam Colman, J.J. Williamson, Tyler Gililand, Claire Bryant, Kaitlyn Johnson, Nicholas Reutov, Phinny Weston; back row left to right: Assstant Coach Chance Rockett, Finn Heimbold, Conner Roderick, Colby Marion, Tommy Bridgeman, Zasima Martushev, Head Coach Steve Nevak — not only finished the season with a 46-0 record, they also earned an impressive collection of trophies. The 11- and 12-year-olds’ hard work secured them the titles of 2013 Peninsula Powerplay champions, 2013 Big Lake Tourney Champions, 2014 MooseFest Champions, 2013 Presidents Day Champions and the 2013-2014 Pee Wee Tier III State Champions.