Voznesenka’s Kalugin takes third

Voznesenka High School wrestler Gavril Kalugin earned third place in wrestling competition in Houston last weekend, scoring 13 team points.

In round one of the action, Trevor Norris of Valdez won by an 8-2 decision over Kalugin, but that was the only match the Voznesenka athlete lost. Facing Niko Castro of Nikiski, Kalugin won by a fall in 0:54. Against Homer’s Timmy Woo, Kalugin again won by a decision, 8-1.  

Facing Ryan Merriner of Grace, another decision gave Kalugin a 4-3 win. Against Trevor Norris of Valdez, a decision gave Kalugin a 10-4 win. 

In a match against Calen Wilbur of Houston, Kalugin scores another win with a 14-10 decision.