Arts Briefs

‘Brouhaha’ opens April 20

What if all of Homer’s real City Council members and Mayor Zak all wound up on the Mariner Theater stage as performers in a new musical comedy called Brouhaha? That’s the premise of the show playing 7:30 p.m. April 20, 21, 27 and 28 at the Homer Mariner Theatre. Written by Sally Oberstein and Michael McKinney, and directed by Oberstein, the show imagines Tom Stroozas, Shelly Erickson, Donna Aderhold, Mayor Bryan Zak, Rachel Lord, Heath Smith and Caroline Venuti as they maneuver the (fictional) prospect of a revival of Concert on the Lawn.

Joining them are 33 singers, dancers, actors, a full band and surprise cameo appearances by some of Homer’s most outspoken hams as they wiggle through our most comical and musical song and dance city council meeting yet.

When a group of circus performers are bamboozled into dropping all their money into a music concert, they face power outages, backed up toilets, illness and cancelled acts before putting their heads together for an unexpected solution.

Band members include Shelly Erickson, Hal Spence, Kelly Jay, Marjolein Cardon and John Sharp.

Brouhaha is a Homer Nutcracker Production.

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