Best Bets

We have now entered the limbo days of summer. Yes, children, we understand vacation ended for you on Tuesday when your parents dragged you into the sacred halls of education. Sad as they might be to see you leave home, be assured your parents will ease their mourning by seizing the sunshine, perhaps with a long stroll on the beach followed by gelato.

Having years ago departed the tyranny of the academic calendar, the Betster has adapted to the groove of the seasons and not the school year. Summer endures. Summer has not ended, not for we working stiffs. Oh no.

Has the last cruise ship visited? Have Spit businesses closed their doors? Have charter boat captains hauled their boats out? Has the last fireweed petal bloomed? Not quite. That would be, like, so September.

As the Betster writes this, days of cloud and fog have broken, and sun once again shines upon us. Motorhomes still cruise town, running stop signs and corking off the good parking spots. People who dress funny and don’t wear hoodies ask peculiar questions. How high is the beach above sea level? What does that store with the funny green leaf sign sell? How come it’s called the Spit? Why is our town named after a TV cartoon character?

Holy Pennock! Such is the life of citizens who happen to live in tourist communities. Suck it up, buttercup. It’s a living. You can sleep this winter.

Summer continues. We have a few warm days left. We might even have a few sunny days left. We still have places to go, new restaurants to try out and new things to do. Heck, we’re not even done with August, not for a week. That means there still are awesome things to do, like these Best Bets:

BEST RUNNING BUDDIES BET: With the weather gradually chilling, there remains an activity that can be done nearly yearround: running and walking. Get to know other active Homerites and get some endorphins flowing at the weekly Fun Run/Walks hosted by Kachemak Bay Running Club. These are family-friendly fun run/walks every Thursday at 6 p.m. at various locations throughout Homer from February through November. The routes and location are put on Facebook every Tuesday and are anywhere from 2.8-3.1 miles in distance. Distances can be modified due to ability. For the locations of fun runs check out the Kachemak Bay Running Club’s Facebook Page, KachemakBayRunningClub. These runs are free.

BEST BLOOMING BET: Greenhouses and gardens are still thriving as we head into fall! Join the weekly Thriving Thursday crew today from noon to 1 p.m. on a tour of Synergy Gardens, with Lori and Wayne Jenkins. Their greenhouse, four high tunnels, and three fenced open-air garden plots produce a variety of vegetables that they sell to the Homer Farmer’s Market and to local restaurants. Their Alaska Garlic Project offers Alaska-acclimatized “seed” garlic to other Alaskan gardeners.

BEST BETTERMENT BET: In need of a little relaxation, a little recharging of the proverbial batteries? There’s an opportunity to do that this weekend with the 2018 Mindfulness Weekend in Homer. It’s a retreat that will run from Friday through Sunday at the Ageya Wilderness Education Center. Join for the 10th annual weekend of engaged mindfulness practice on the theme of “Coming Home to the Present Moment.” Using the practical tools of mindful breathing, walking, and eating, as well as total relaxation, deep listening and sharing from the heart, participants will engage with what is real and alive in us and with each other. Cost includes all meals, lodging and tuition and is based on a sliding scale depending on income: Camping: $190 – $225 per person. Men’s or Women’s 4-6 person yurts: $230 -$260 per person. Contact for a registration form.

BEST BUNNELL BET: Sheryl Maree Reily is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work advocates for human and environmental health. Her most recent detournement synthesizes work from three distinct series (Disappearing Landscapes, Gray Slavery and Mantle) created during the past five years into a single project titled the ReWilding. She is participating in an AIR program administered through the Department of Natural Resources/Alaska State Parks – Kachemak Bay State Park and will be visiting Bunnell Street Arts Center for a presentation from 6-7 p.m. tonight.