El Clemenza di Tito

Lions, tigers and horses? Oh my! Last month’s opera, “Aida” is supposed to have animals from the region, elephants, giraffes, etc., in the Triumphful March. I was expecting the same from the Met, but it had horses, just horses. What a let down. I love horses, so the Met redeemed themselves to some extent with the interview of the horses after the show. I also have to say that this is the first disappointment that I have experienced with the Met so far. I am just sure they will not do it again.
February’s Opera is Mozart’s ” El Clemenza di Tito.” What can you say about an emperor who is not only generous and giving but also forgiving? He is loved by all the people, for they think he can do no wrong. This is well and good as long as things are going well. What happens when his best friend tries to kill him and take over his empire? Will he stick to his guns or will it send him over the edge? Come to the opera at 6 p.m. Feb. 28 at the Homer Theatre and find out.
We will have the Opera Elixer and finger foods as in the past. Don’t forget to encourage our youth to discover the lure of the opera with a complmentary ticket. Adding to our attendance is the only way to be sure that we will have this next season, so be sure to have your friends who have never been to the opera attend. Those of you who have never been to the opera but read this all the time need to come and see what it is about. If you want to get out of the Valentine’s Day doghouse, give your lady a ticket to the opera.
Vonda Nixon is an opera lover and recent resident of Homer.

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