HCOA offers creative communities programs

The Homer Council on the Arts this winter offers two new creative communities coordinated by actor and writer Hannah Heimbuch. Starting at 7 p.m. today is Musical Theatre, an informal group aimed at supporting a shared interest in musical performance arts. Musical Theatre meets at HCOA the second and fourth Thursday of each month, excluding major holidays. Initial meetings will help develop what kinds of learning, performance and group collaboration people want from this experience, but participants are welcome to come prepared to share a song or other musical performance with the group to get started.

Starting 7 p.m. Jan. 15 is Spoken Word, which will explore and discuss all elements of spoken word performance arts, create opportunities for community expression of those arts, and provide opportunities for artists to develop their ideas and support those of their fellow performers. It meets at HCOA the first and third Thursday of each month, excluding major holidays. 

Both programs are free and open to participants high school age and older. For more information, email hannahheimbuch@gmail.com or director@homerart.org or phone Heimbuch at 299-4018 HCOA at 235-4288.

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