Years Ago

Homer happenings from years past

20 years ago

A Homer High School graduate survived the Oct. 12, 2000, attack on the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen. Rick Heckert escaped without injury from the suicide bombing of the ship that killed 17 crew members and injured almost 40 others. Heckert’s parents, Don and Laurie Heckert, waited almost 10 hours to receive word their son was OK. Suicide bombers in a small boat ignited a bomb next to the electrical production division section of the destroyer where Rick Heckert worked. Rick Heckert was able to make a 1-minute satellite phone call to his wife Ellen letting her know he was fine. Don Heckert said he hoped his son would be home for Thanksgiving.

The attack was later attributed to al Qaeda, the group responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

— From the issue of Oct. 19, 2000

30 years ago

About 75% of Homer city workers signed union authorization cards asking for representation by the International Brotherhood of Electrical workers. That’s more than double the number of workers required to petition the Alaska Department of Labor to hold an election asking if city employees want to be represented by the union. However, one legal hurdle remained: either the Homer City Council had to consent to collective bargaining or the union had to prevail in a lawsuit challenging the city opting out of the state’s labor laws.

— From the issue of Oct. 18, 1990

50 years ago

The Oct. 15, 1970 issue is missing from the Homer News archives.