Years ago in the Homer News

20 years ago in the Homer News

Lack of support for the Homer branch of the Cook Inlet Council on Drug and Alcohol Abuse kept Homer from starting the Youth Early Intervention Program designed to catch youths when they are in the experimental stages of substance abuse. The program could not get started in Homer as a recent staffing shortage made it impossible to run the adolescent intervention program.

— From the issue of July 11, 1996

30 years ago in the Homer News

A Homer couple, who remained anonymous due to the nature of the story, told the Homer News about their experience discovering that their two young boys had been sexually abused by a close family friend and their frustration when the district attorney decided not to prosecute the case. Then-District Attorney Tom Wardell said the intricacies of prosecuting child abuse cases, lack of physical evidence and the age of the children can make or break the decision to bring the case to court.

— From the issue of July 10, 1986


50 years ago in the Homer News

Ranger, the black Labrador known as the superintendant on the waterline project in Homer, was taken to Anchorage to have a porcupine quill removed that entered his mouth and had worked up into his eye. Ranger also chased a black bear away from the work site.

From the issue of July 14, 1966