Advice to newcomers

In recent years there has been an influx of people coming to live here from the lower 48 and it concerns me that the values and traditions of this small town are changing from the influence of the arrivals. I would like to inform those that are newly arrived that because we are at the end of the road system, and it is Alaska, and the bush is practically at our doorstep, that we help one another out as much we can because life out here for those that chose to settle for the long run, and not just living in their extra Summer house, is hard sometimes. For example: those of us that have lived here long enough had cars break down which means sometimes we have to hitch hike to our destination (I had to pick up a car from my mechanic in Anchor Point many a time) and sometimes, yes, we can’t drive for one reason or another: seasonal worker from out of state going to work on the Spit, for example. We rely on the comraderie and the understanding of the lifestyle in this town to help us get to our destination. We are each other’s rides when times are tough out here; we are each other’s public transportation. Picking people up on the way to Anchorage is asking a lot from those that just moved here, I know, and I normally pick people up when weather conditions on the way to Anchorage are bad. However, I do give rides to those with thumbs out in our fair town, and so I think, should you. Yes, this is different from what the standard is in lower 48, but, once again, this isn’t where you came from and while some things in lower 48 are great (like sidewalks), we should still keep a community that helps each other out. Isn’t it why you moved here?  


Elizabeth Kandror