Many thanks to theater

When I first considered moving to Homer to teach at Homer High School, I was drawn by the vibrant community that appreciated the arts. Particularly, I was truly impressed that such a small community would have its own movie theater. Not only that, but the theater celebrated documentaries with an annual film festival. For the past eight years I have attended this festival personally, and I have encouraged my students to attend the festival, as I believe that each year offers a wealth of learning opportunities. Throughout these eight years, Jamie Sutton, his family, and all of the employees at the theater have supported my efforts. Jamie has spoken to students at the high school, he has offered free movie passes to students, and he has provided this tremendous opportunity each year.
This year we collaborated again. Jamie, Colleen Carroll and the entire staff welcomed more than 150 Homer High School students for a private screening of the film Bully, provided free of charge. Following the movie, I have been able to have tremendous discussions with my students about the topic of bullying on a national scale but also on a local level. Needless to say the conversations have been a powerful learning opportunity.
I would like to thank Jamie and the Homer Theatre for continuing to support documentary films and for continuing to support the kids in our community. Their generosity is greatly appreciated and should be applauded.
Sean Campbell