Homer’s Best Bets

Hurrah! Congratulations, Betsters. You’ve survived the big August primary election. After weeks of debates, robocalls, push polls and campaign mailings, the big dramarama is over. Now that the election is over, you can look on the bright side. All those fliers should make good kindling in the woodstove when it starts cooling off in about, oh, two weeks. Also, hard working graphic artists, printers and telemarketers got a little extra income.

The bad news? We have a city and Kenai Peninsula Borough election coming up in October and then, of course, the big November election. As Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over until it’s over.”

Local elections generally aren’t too rowdy, particularly in the nonpartisan city races. Most of the candidates are familiar faces, people who have gained experience by volunteering on boards, commissions and city councils, usually at little or no pay. These are our neighbors, and though you might not agree with them on every issue, they work hard, think hard and try to do a good job. Things should be civil. We hope.

As for the November election … the Betster will be taking a vow of silence and treat it the same as s-n-o-w. Many jokes can be made, but the humor got sucked out of the presidential election about, oh, March, back when — OK, not going there. As they say on Game of Thrones, “Winter is coming.” Oh boy.

So clean up those yard signs, candidates, and let us all take a vacation from electioneering for a few weeks. It will heat up soon enough. Meanwhile, even though school starts next Tuesday, we’re bound to have a few good summer days left, and maybe even some pleasant fall days, too. You know fall. That’s what happens between summer and winter, or as we call it in Alaska, September. Get out and enjoy this fine little town, perhaps with these Best Bets:


BEST LAST BASH BET: Kids, with school starting on Tuesday, you have one last weekend to enjoy yourselves before it’s back to the desks. We know learning can be fun — a lot more fun than an 8-hour work day — but does it have pig races? Cotton candy? High tea with princesses? Yep, it’s time for the annual Kenai Peninsula Fair, running Friday-Sunday. There are some new events as well as the old favorites. For more, see our story, page 2.


BEST ADRIFT BET: Suppose your boat lost power in Kachemak Bay and you had to get to shore? Well, of course you have a marine radio and could call for help, but if you had to rely on just currents and tides, where would you wind up? Kachemak Bay Research Reserve Research Coordinator Angie Doroff presents some of the latest research on local ocean circulation in a free talk at noon Wednesday at the Kachemak Bay Campus, Pioneer Hall Room 202.


BEST ONE MAN, ONE UKE, ONE SOUND BET: With only four strings and some pretty awesome singing, Papa Crow will dazzle and entertain the next batch of children heading off to school. He performs at 11 a.m. Monday for the Get Ready for Kindergarten Party at the Homer Public Library. For more on Papa Crow, see story, page 12.


BEST GRAND PREMIERE BET: The Homer Farmers Market musicians always offer a good time, and this Saturday’s group should be awesome. The Homer Youth String Orchestra kicks off its 2016-17 season with a mini-concert at 1 p.m. Satruday at the market. They will showcase their repertoire, including everything from Bach to fiddle tunes.