Homer’s Best Bets

OK, Besteroids, here’s something the Betster bets you didn’t know: This is National Moth Week. In celebration of that event, Shana Loshbaugh, area researcher and journalist and all-around awesome person (who has done more than her fair share this week to make sure you have a Homer News in your hand) shared some pictures she recently took of moths on the southern Kenai Peninsula. (See above and get a macro science lesson.)

The website dedicated to National Moth Week (surprise, it’s nationalmothweek.org) offers lots of information about these insects, including the following fun facts:

Moths are among the most diverse and successful organisms on earth.

Scientists estimate there are 150,000 to more than 500,000 moth species.

Their colors and patterns are either dazzling or so cryptic that they define camouflage. Shapes and sizes span the gamut from as small as a pinhead to as large as an adult’s hand.

Most moths are nocturnal, and need to be sought at night to be seen — others fly like butterflies during the day.

Finding moths can be as simple as leaving a porch light on and checking it after dark. Serious moth aficionados use special lights and baits to attract them.

Like the Betster is always saying: It’s the little things in life that count. Let Moth Week remind us of that. But just  in case you’re bugged by the ideas that bugs matter, we suggest the following Best Bets to celebrate life in the spirit of simple:


BEST DANCE-THE-BUGS-OUT-OF-YOUR-SYSTEM BET: Zumba Educational Specialist Madalene Aponte will teach a “Shake and Tone Master Class”  from 6-7:30 p.m. Friday at Homer High School’s gym. Cost is $20 for advance tickets or $25 at the door. All money raised will support Homer Community Recreation Programs. Don’t let the title scare you off. Zumba afficionados tell the Betster this class is for all skill levels and you don’t need to know any Zumba moves. Aponte is traveling around the world teaching the class and Homer is her next stop. 


BEST PICK-YOUR-OWN BET: It’s summer and there’s more to do than there’s time to do it. So here’s what the Betster suggests: turn to the Homer News calendar on page 13 (or online at www.HomerNews.com) and just pick one thing you’ve never done before to enjoy with family and friends. Get out of your comfort zone. Enjoy!