Happy Endings

My first taste of really good Asian food was many years ago in Anchorage at a wonderful restaurant called the Tea Leaf, that unfortunately is… Continue reading

Try special treats for someone sweet

Treat those you love this Valentine’s Day with a special sweet. I don’t believe one needs a specific reason to indulge in a decadent dessert.… Continue reading

Bring out the grill with warm weather

The unseasonably spring-like weather we’ve been experiencing has me on the party deck doing some grilling. If this mild winter continues, I’ll be firing up… Continue reading

Winter is the perfect time for comfort food

I am hunkered into domestic life, as my job is seasonal and I am off during the winter months. I know that may seem a… Continue reading

Time for a little pizazz in New Year

Happy New Year! A clean slate, endless possibilities, each day an opportunity to enjoy a new adventure. What are you thinking about resolutions? I am… Continue reading

Sourdough is the magic ingredient for Alaska cooking

I cannot write about Alaskan cooking and eating without mentioning sourdough, a magical ingredient that contributes leavening power, taste, nutrition and Alaskan tradition in liquid… Continue reading

Wedding gift inspired cooking passion

The Other Fisherman and I will be celebrating 40 years of marriage this week. We moved to California right after we married. Shortly thereafter, Mom… Continue reading

Sweet Treats For the Holidays

The Other Fisherman has expressed his unhappiness over the lack of Christmas cookies in our house. He loves his holiday treats more than anything. I… Continue reading

Grummy’s cookies bring back holiday memories

The Below kids and the Hahn kids were the best of pals growing up. Our families were special friends, as close as family, but with… Continue reading

Try spaghetti for a change from turkey leftovers

Over the last week, I bet you gorged on plenty of turkey dinner leftovers. Myself, I feel like a butterball. All good things must come… Continue reading

Don’t panic with Thanksgiving prep

I hope your Thanksgiving dinner is the best ever. The recent snowfall has made for a scenic drive over the river and through the woods… Continue reading

Cook ahead for Thanksgiving with salads

When I was a little girl growing up in Wisconsin, our family enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with our grandparents. Both my grandmas were excellent cooks. Now… Continue reading

Inspiration from Packerland: Recipes from Wisconsin

I am delighted once again to share stories, family traditions and my favorite recipes with you. This time of the year I want to be… Continue reading

Tasty recipes to ring in the New Year

My thoughts are of appetizers as the new year celebration looms at the end of this week. Savory little bites stuffed with yummy goodness. Addictive,… Continue reading

Sweet delights part of what makes Christmas wonderful

The Other Fisherman loves Christmas. It’s his favorite time of year, right up there with moose hunting season and fishing for king salmon in the… Continue reading

Savory and sweet treats create tasty holiday gathering

Being the creative person I am, I enjoy trying new recipes and adding a fun variety of flavors to my menus. My cooking constantly evolves.… Continue reading

Get into the spirit of the season with these tasty treats

Happy Thanksgiving! It is a beautiful frosty morning atop the mountain and I have a million-dollar panoramic view of the bay from my kitchen to… Continue reading

One of gifts of holiday season: sharing delicious food

I love this time of year, not only because it’s my favorite time to cook comforting soups, casseroles, roasts with gravy and mashed potatoes, apple… Continue reading

Sweeten holidays, cook up traditions with these treats

To say “Christmas” is to unlock a treasure chest of favorite memories and a world of much loved tastes, smells, sounds and scenes. Christmas is… Continue reading

Nothing says summer like fresh fish, veggies

What am I excited about cooking in my kitchen right now? Fresh-caught halibut and king salmon. That first-of-the-season fresh fish, grilled and basted lightly with… Continue reading