Grummy’s cookies bring back holiday memories

The Below kids and the Hahn kids were the best of pals growing up. Our families were special friends, as close as family, but with… Continue reading

Try spaghetti for a change from turkey leftovers

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Don’t panic with Thanksgiving prep

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Cook ahead for Thanksgiving with salads

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Inspiration from Packerland: Recipes from Wisconsin

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Tasty recipes to ring in the New Year

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Sweet delights part of what makes Christmas wonderful

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Savory and sweet treats create tasty holiday gathering

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Get into the spirit of the season with these tasty treats

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One of gifts of holiday season: sharing delicious food

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Sweeten holidays, cook up traditions with these treats

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Nothing says summer like fresh fish, veggies

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No party should be without these tasty treats

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Indulge the senses with these tasty holiday treats

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Fruitcakes make tasty holiday gifts

Many years ago when the Other Fisherman’s dad would drive back from visiting his brother in Florida he bought fruitcake in Georgia on his way… Continue reading

Comfort food nourishes body, spirit

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Wonderful summer deserves great food

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There is no place like home(r)!

It is wonderful to be back in our home and Homer, surrounded by the life we’ve made here. I spent the winter in Juneau working… Continue reading