Road services down with oil prices

Well, I knew it was going to happen. The price of oil went down, then the state and Kenai Peninsula Borough started explaining why the snow plowing wouldn’t be so great. Explicit new schedules for removing snow with all kinds of detail and time tables explaining why they can’t do their jobs.  

Council: Seniors are burden

At its Dec. 7 meeting, the Homer City Council passed Resolution 15-111 which requests the Alaska State Legislature to amend the statue relating to property tax exemption for homes of seniors. Rep. Paul Seaton has drafted a House Bill removing seniors from the mandatory exemption list.    

I am offended by the council’s resolution on many levels.

It implies that seniors are “moving to Alaska to retire or retiring in place” because of the availability of high level medical care. REALLY!

Council ignored credible info when changing beach policy

Guilty as charged. I am, as many others, dismayed and disgusted. Disgusted with a Homer City Council that has ignored the recommendations of its Parks and Recreation Commission and the testimony of most of those using the “city’s beaches.” I am dismayed that after being born and raised here in Homer 66 years ago, I will be unable to harvest the necessary quantity of coal during the winter months.  In this period of time, October through March, there is no biologic reason to close the most productive coaling areas.

Thanks to Homer Police

A heartfelt thank you to the Homer Police for returning to the Kachemak Cannabis Club the bud that was stolen during the recent break-in.

Kachemak Cannabis Coalition directors

Lindianne Sarno, Tim Clark, Scott Owens

Wizard of Odds: Community theater at its absolute best

I’ve got one word for The Wizard of Odds: WOWZA! There are a lot of talented and funny people here at the end of the road. But I’m not telling you anything new.

From the very beginning, this show was hilarious. And by Saturday night, it was over the top engaging. The actors and the audience were in a feeding frenzy. The script, the music and lyrics, the characters, the plot twists — hands down this was great community theater. There are so many people that contributed to this performance, I am in awe.

Thanks to Homer Rotary Club

My name is Shannon Cefalu and I am a college sophomore at the Kachemak Bay Campus, here in Homer. I am an aspiring biology major, and the current Student Association President.

 I know we are already several weeks into the semester, but I would like to thank the Homer Rotary Club for providing me the scholarship that made this semester possible for me.  I am one step closer to a career as a conservation geneticist because of their assistance, and I am incredibly grateful.


Here’s a solution to pot, public safety building quandries

As I age, I am attempting to mellow my outlook on the  apparent idiocies of our political processes. I was born in the era when the things that the majority of voters approved at the ballot box were sacred whether our public officials agreed with them or not. These days those principles are obviously out of favor, but I haven’t quite given up yet. 

Thank you, Homer

...From “Homer Events” for supporting a couple of rather unique events in our 2016 Winter Carnival. I refer to the Mr. Homer Pageant hosted by Chris Story (thanks, Chris), which this year had five entries, each a little crazier than the next, with the winner being Erik Schreier. 

Erik is very much looking forward to making appearances at Homer community events during his reign as Mr. H. To get ahold of him just Facebook Homer Events and leave a message. We’ll get back to you quick. 

Students get 100-day school surprise

Paul Banks staff would like to thank Paul Banks PTA and Atz Kilcher for their 100-day school surprise. Playing into the Wild West Theme of the school’s Read-A-Thon, Atz Kilcher went room to room sharing music, cowboy attire, stories and even a roping trick or two. The students had many interesting questions and comments. At the end of the presentations Atz presented $100 from the PTA for the classroom teachers to use in their classrooms. Paul Banks truly appreciates the many ways our PTA supports our staff and students.

Great trails don’t just happen

The Wolf Ridge trail is in and the Kachemak Nordic Ski Club appreciates the financial support of its members, grooming support by member/volunteers, Cook Inlet Region incorporated for granting a use permit and Wise Services for snowcat grooming. The trail leaves from the McNeil Canyon Ski Trail System at Mile 12 East End Road behind McNeil Canyon Elementary School.  

Some on city council seem to think they know better than the electorate

There is a tradition in this country, and this state, of a certain group of people believing that they know better than the general population what is best for all, particularly when it comes to intoxicants and private recreation. Prohibition gave us the 18th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. This proved to be such a bad idea that the 18th is the only amendment that has ever had to be repealed, by the 21st.

Legion donations help grow readers

Thanks to the generous donations of American Legion General Buckner Post 16 to Homer Homemakers FCE for the past few years, the club has been able to expand its outreach to families in the Homer area.

Prior to receiving funding from Post 16, the club provided Raise-a-Reader packets to those parents who had babies born in May (Mother’s Day observance) and October (National FCE Week). The packets are now distributed year round through South Peninsula Hospital to all parents whose babies are born there.

Act of kindness: a beautiful gift

About two weeks before Christmas, my 99-year-old mother Nadine Pence was at Safeway admiring the poinsettias. As she was buying her groceries, a woman who she did not know gave her a beautiful poinsettia. I would like to thank this woman for her kindness.

My mother is still enjoying the beautiful plant that sits in a place of honor in her little apartment.

Again, I thank you for your thoughtfulness and I pray that God blesses you and yours.

Thank you,

Lee A. Martin

Great writers in our midst

I went to Eva Saulitis’s tribute this past Friday and walked away filled with delicacy and beauty, realizing she was one of this country’s great-great writers. I was stunned.

Going home words of Nikos Kazantzakis swirled in my head: “We come from a dark abyss and we end in a dark abyss, and we call the luminous interval life.” What an extraordinary luminous interval Eva Saulitis made, right to the very-very end. What a light. And only within the past few months did I become aware. Where have I been?

Boat House shouldn’t be a priority

Concerning the planned Boat House on the Homer Spit, a few questions come to mind: 

1. When there is already a high demand for such limited parking, how can six more spaces be found when the easiest and most tangible location would be occupied by a 45-by-35-foot building — used primarily for those wanting to meet up out of the weather?  

2. How is the city supposed to be responsible for the cost of maintaining the building when it’s already broke? 

3. How will this building be policed? 

Legislators have chance to win back people’s trust with sound fiscal plan

The nagging issue that bothers me about the fiscal crisis facing us at the state level right now is the certainty that the price of oil will go back up at some point in the future. Because of that I think our legislators should consider borrowing money from the citizens of the state in the form of interest free loans from the Permanent Fund that would be repayable after the price of oil returns to specific levels.

Is Trump working for the liberals?

I find it interesting that so many conservatives called “birthers” had problems with where President Obama was born, accusing him of having been born in Kenya, which, according to them, disqualifies him to be president. He was actually born in Hawaii, but there is no convincing them of that. Yet, these same people have no problem with making Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada, president.

Cannabis industry faces obstacles

Over the next month, the Homer City Council will be discussing and deciding on an ordinance that will create some obstacles for cannabis entrepreneurs wishing to enter the legitimate industry if it were to pass in its current form.

No. 1: Limited cultivation facilities (capped at 500 square feet under cultivation) would be unable to operate in Rural Residential areas in Homer City Limits.


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